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Parents: check email each class day.

Tuition and Lab Fees may be paid through PayPal.  Just click on the Payment Page from the menu.-- Please note your student's name on the payment.  

 Download the Seesaw App on your phone for easy posting of homework! 

All assignments will be turned in the night before class by 7:00pm on Seesaw.

You will use the App to scan your work with the proper heading, your name and assignment name.

Homework Due: August 35th/26th

  1. Read Chapter 1
  2. Vocabulary chapter 1 (see details below)
  3. Section Review Questions for Chapter 1
  4. Chapter Review Questions for Chapter 1 (#1-16)


Summer Vocabulary Homework to Make the Year a Little Easier

  1. Do your Biology vocabulary.
  2. Use the method you learn from the best. (Flashcards, list with definitions, Quizlets...)
  3. You must present a hard copy the day the assignment is due.
  4. We will cover chapters 1-11 then skip to chapters 16-25 then return in the spring to chapters 12-15.
  5. The vocabulary words are listed at the end of each chapter  -"Key Term".  
  6. You do not have to define the words you absolutely know but I will doubt your work if I don't see a good amount for each chapter.
  7. Biology is a new language and each "critter" has a different name for stomach.  So I don't expect you to define stomach but I do expect gastrovascular cavity to be defined.
  8. There is a glossary in the back for the definitions.  Be ware that Quizlet lists may not be thorough or have the correct biological definitions.  


Biology Student Supply List

3-ring Binder, colored pencils, notebook paper, pens, 3 x 5 note cards,

5-pocket dividers, 4 plastic page protectors for the notebook, a ruler (metric and U.S.), pencils, scissors, highlighter, and YOUR BOOKS: BOB JONES 5th edition-

BIOLOGY” and the 5th Ed. Biology Lab Manual.

Do not buy any teaching or testing materials.

 Biology Calendar: 2020-2021 
PREP West Orientation: Aug. 17th, Cornerstone Preb. Church, 6:00-9:00pm
PREP NW Orientation: Aug. 18th, Cypress Bible Church, 6:00-9:00pm

Wednesday/ Thursday

11:00-2:00/ 11:00-2:00

August  2020
26       27      First Day

  2         3      Evolution/Creation Project assigned
  9        10     2 examples of Evolution in society due (cartoons, Newspaper ads, ...)
16        17     5-Source Cards Due for Project
23        24 

30                15-Notecards Due for Project    

            1      15-Notecards Due for Project
 7         8        
14       15     Rough Draft is Due for Project
21       22

28       29        
 3         4      Final Draft due/Presentation Day and Party
11       12  

18       19  

Thanksgiving Break-No Classes

 2          3

 9        10
16       17  Semester Exam

Christmas Break: Dec. 18-Jan. 10th 

January 2021
New Year Break: Classes Resume Jan. 11, 2021

13       14 
20       21 
27       28

 3         4    Wildflower Projects Assigned
10       11 
17       18

24       275
 3         4

10       11
Spring Break March 15-19 
24       25


 7        8   wildflower project is due

14      15   Pig Lab 

21      22

28      29

 5        6        
12      13    Semester Exam OR 

(19    20   Semester Exam if extra week is needed)