About the Teacher

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Jan Snow

I have taught home educated students since 1995. My husband and I taught our own children at home for 17 years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University in Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry.
We live in
Northwest Houston and attend Cypress Bible Church. We are very proud grandparents of six beautiful little ones.

My Traveling Lab

Whether it is Chemistry or Biology or the Physics part of Physical Science, my traveling lab boxes are packed and ready. I have several 1000x microscopes with mechanical stages for ease of operation. During the year Biology and Life Science do many microscopic labs as well as several dissections. Chemistry and Physical Science use Chemistry and Physics lab equipment designed to give a full laboratory experience to students. They learn proper care of glassware and laboratory safety with chemicals and bunsen burners as they learn procedures. Motion studies, optics, sound, and electrical experiments head the Physics semester of Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

My Mission Statement

To encourage and serve the homeschool community with a quality educational service that will enhance the intellectual, spiritual and emotional development of Junior High and Senior High School aged students.

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